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Killing Spring

Who is Spring?

 Why is death stalking her?

Imagine waking up in a shallow grave in a foreign land with no memory. In Killing Spring, we find our heroine, Spring, in this exact predicament. From the moment Spring climbs out of the grave, her journey takes her on a terrifying road of discovery. Who shot her and left her for dead, and whom can she trust? As Spring searches for answers, she finds herself running through a jungle, hiding in an empty wing of a posh resort, and taking refuge on a fishing vessel. Who is she, and why does someone want her dead? With help from several good Samaritans, she might find the answers—If they can be trusted.


The Truth About Autumn
Available on
Paperback, Kindle, or Audible

Have you ever dreamed of starting a new life and leaving your past behind? Autumn Brennan has, but it’s impossible to cut past connections that you don’t know exist.
The tingling feeling of being watched when no one is around, an uninjured dog covered in blood, and strange gifts that tickle at her memories set her on a collision course with her forgotten past. Autumn thinks she knows everything about her early life, but the memories she trusted are crumbling and she cannot escape the truth that is reaching out for her.
How do these seemingly disjointed occurrences fit together and what is the shadow lurking in her past? Can Autumn find the truth and put the puzzle pieces together before it is too late, or will the past reach out for her and steal her future?


Chasing Winter
Available on
Paperback, Kindle, or Audible

How did Winter Pappas go from a storybook romance to being married to a monster? Can she hide in paradise, or will her sanctuary be destroyed by an earthquake as she is stalked by the man she once loved?


Where Has Summer Gone?
Available on
Paperback, Kindle, or Audible

How does a flat tire take Summer Mahoney and her daughter from a family road trip to being imprisoned and then running for their lives through treacherous mountain terrain with an enraged bear on the loose?

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